Gender Equality Mainstreaming Workshop

Gender Equality Mainstreaming Workshop

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Civic Space hosted a Gender Mainstreaming Workshop on the
22.03.2024, aimed at enhancing the capacity of civil society organizations
(CSOs) to integrate gender perspectives into their operations and actions. This
workshop brought together a diverse group of participants, showcasing the
commitment of various CSOs to advancing gender equality.

Gender mainstreaming in a civil society organization
includes creating a safe space for all members, valuing their opinions equally
and incorporating them into the decision-making processes and equal inclusion
of all genders in decision-making bodies. The workshop advocated for active
engagement in debunking stereotypes and enhancing gender equality through
strategic project, communication, and policy approaches.

CSOs should adopt gender mainstreaming to maintain
meaningful equality first in their own organisation. They should be aware of
their responsibilities of breaking down
traditional gender stereotypes and for not reproducing the patriarchal

They should also ensure that policies
are inclusive of women and LGBTI individuals which means that they should
regularly question if the policies are designed, implemented, and evaluated
with consideration for the specific needs, challenges, and experiences of women
and LGBTI individuals. It involves actively incorporating their perspectives,
addressing their concerns, and promoting their equal participation and rights
within the policy framework.

The workshop was facilitated by Aslı Murat and Ömür Ray,
two renowned experts in gender studies and civic engagement, who brought their
vast experience to inspire the attendees. Their expertise set the stage for an
engaging and informative session, focusing on the practical aspects of gender
mainstreaming in organizational practices and policies.

Attendees included representatives from several civil
society organizations such as the Refugee Rights Association, Universal
Children’s Rights Association, Queer Cyprus Association, Human Rights Platform,
Cyprus Turkish Teachers Syndicate, and Cyprus Education Research Association.
This diverse participation underscored the workshop’s overarching goal: to
embed gender mainstreaming across various fields of civil society’s work,
regardless of their primary focus area.

By bringing together CSOs from different sectors, the
workshop not only highlighted the universal relevance of gender mainstreaming
but also reminded that the journey towards gender equality is a collective
endeavour, necessitating the involvement and commitment of all societal

As the workshop concluded, the participants left with
renewed motivation and enhanced tools to integrate gender perspectives into
their work. The impact of this gathering is expected to resonate within the
participating organizations and beyond, contributing to the broader movement
towards gender equality and inclusivity in civil society.

By organising the Gender Mainstreaming Workshop, Civic
Space aimed to emphasize the importance of an inclusive civil society. Through
such workshops, Civic Space provides invaluable opportunities for learning,
networking, and collaboration, paving the way for more democratic societies.
Keep following us to hear about our next workshops!

Civic Space is a project funded by the European Union
under the Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community with a total budget
of 3,499,550 euros. Its objective is to contribute to building a stronger civil
society in the Turkish Cypriot community that supports democratic changes and
confidence-building measures.

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