Grow Civic

What is Grow Civic?

Civic Space implements an in-kind support Program called Grow Civic. It is a powerful and successful tool for strengthening the capacities of civil society. It addresses the needs of grassroots or local CSOs as well as activists who do not have the chance to access macro-level EU or other donor grants.

 .Grow Civic program is currently closed for support requests. Our preparations are ongoing to re-launch very soon. Stay tuned!

The aims of the Grow Civic Program are to:

  • Support mainstreaming of rights-based actions and actors including activists, citizens' initiatives, and CSOs to promote and enhance democracy and human rights.
  • Strengthen CSOs' capacities specifically on rights-based actions, visibility/communication, advocacy, and organizational sustainability, and to support the creation of new initiatives or organizations having a rights-based agenda.
  • Foster and strengthen multi-communal dialogue and collaboration, and/or to support the development of mono or multi-communal thematic or cross-thematic coalitions in line with the rights-based approach EU values and principles.
  • Foster and strengthen networking and partnership with CSOs in the EU Member States or the IPA region for joint rights-based agendas and actions.

Grow Civic provides flexible, transparent, and accessible direct in-kind support to rights-based, public benefit work carried out by activists, citizen’s initiatives, platforms, networks, and CSOs who are legally residing in Cyprus.

Civic Space provides on-demand, tailor-made help desk support to CSOs and activists in developing their action designs, identifying potential partners, or integrating a rights-based approach and measures for mainstreaming different rights issues and developing their budgets or activities among other.

Request owners can submit their requests using the Grow Civic System (MIS). English and Turkish request forms can be accessed from the MIS button below. For any other questions, you can check the Frequently Asked Questions section. Frequently Asked Questions bölümüne bakabilirsini

What have we done so far?

So far Civic Space has provided support to 92 actions covering a large spectrum of actions including but not limited to:

  • Organizing and/or participating in meetings, conferences, seminars, study visits, networks, bi-communal and partnership activities, advocacy work, lobbying activities, conducting research, campaigns, etc.
  • On thematic fields such as peace and reconciliation, nature and environment, health, culture and arts, human rights, gender, youth, etc.


  • 199 requests received
  • Toplamda 92 Sivil Büyü talebi desteklendi. Desteklenen bu çalışmalardan 21’i barış ve uzlaşı, 6’sı doğa ve çevre, 6’sı kültür sanat ve 2’si toplumsal cinsiyet eşitliği konularındaydı.
  • Desteklenen 92 çalışmadan 44’ü barış ve uzlaşıyı amaçlıyor ve/veya iki toplumlu ortaklıklar tarafından uygulanıyordu.
  • 3600’den fazla Destek Masası desteği sağlandı
  • An online request management system created for receiving, checking, and answering requests
  • Programı tanıtmak amacıyla 14 bilgilendirme toplantısı düzenlendi. Bunların 6’sı toplumlar arası veya Kıbrıslı Rum STÖ’leri ve aktivistleri hedef alan bilgilendirme toplantılarıydı.
  • 18 Grow Civic promotional films produced.