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One of the missions of Civic Space is to contribute to building a stronger civil society. Within this mandate, Civic Space operates a help desk facility to provide tailor-made support to CSOs on various general capacity-building topics including but not limited to advocacy, fundraising, communication, strategic planning, project design, organizational management, partnership, and networking. 

The tailor-made helpdesk function is available throughout the project based on demand.

In addition to the help desk support provided on capacity building topics, activists or CSOs can also get help desk support in designing their Grow Civic actions. Once the action is approved to receive Grow Civic support, Civic Space continues to provide a help desk in implementing the actions. 

The most demanded type of help desk support is on project development towards the calls for proposals launched by the European Union. Based on demand Civic Space provides support to potential applicants in improving their project design, logical framework matrix, balance between activities and budget, as well as facilitating networking and synergies with other projects or CSOs to refrain from duplications while strengthening the sustainability of the project.

What have we done so far?

Civic Space has provided on-demand help-desk support on a variety of topics to at least 564 helpdesk requests to 153 CSOs and activists from different regions; most of them being from Nicosia, but also from other regions such as Famagusta, Kyrenia, Lefka/Lefke, Limassol, Morphou/Güzelyurt, Trikomo/Iskele.


    • 564 Help Desk support
    • 153 CSOs from all communities in Cyprus benefitting from helpdesk

Contact us You can request help desk support from us by sending an e-mail to or by calling 0392 227 65 05

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