Selen Lermioğlu Yılmaz

Capacity Building Expert

Selen has more than 20 years’ experience in the fields of democracy and governance with specific concentration on civil society, gender equality, peace and reconciliation, human rights, legal reforms, policy development and dialogue. She worked in various technical assistance and grant projects in many countries including Turkey, Cyprus, The Gambia, Western Balkans and Armenia, as an expert, consultant, trainer, facilitator or project coordinator. She conducted numerous workshops on topics such as strategic planning, advocacy, organisational management, gender equality, project design and management for a variety of stakeholders including CSOs and public institutions. She has extensive hands-on experience on enabling environment for civil society including legal and financial framework and standards, civil society-public sector dialogue and participatory decision making mechanisms. Selen has been working in Cyprus for over 7 years in civil society and reconciliation projects.

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