Discover Grow Civic bicommunal partnership stories! Shared Wor!ds

Sivil Büyü tarafından desteklenen iki toplumlu ortaklık hikayelerini keşfet! Shared Wor!ds

From 2016 to 2020, Civic Space has supported 44 intercommunal Grow Civic actions aiming at peace and reconciliation and/or intercommunal partnership.

You can check out the extensive Civic Space Library and YouTube channel to discover Grow Civic bicommunal partnership stories.

Here is one of them! 

Shared Wor!ds; Nuri Sılay &Spyros Armostis’s project.

Nuri Sılay and Spyros Armostis thought that highlighting the existence of common words would play an essential role in bringing the two communities closer. They set out to make the common culture and vocabulary of the two communities more visible and turn them into a peacebuilding and reconciliation tool.

  • Check the link and learn more about Nuri Sılay an Spyros Armostis’s story:

  • Check the Shared Wor!ds book in our Library

  • Check the Shared Wor!ds video on our YouTube channel

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