European Union Funded Grow Civic Awaits Your Requests!

Avrupa Birliği tarafından finanse edilen Sivil Büyü Taleplerinizi Bekliyor!

Grow Civic has started to receive requests for support from civil society organizations (CSOs) and activists as of 20 October 2021.

The project team held two specific information sessions for activists and CSOs to detail the available supports under Grow Civic. 43 CSO representatives attended the meeting on the 21st of October and 39 activists attended the meeting organised for them on the 26th of October 2021. The project team introduced Grow Civic, gave detailed information about the eligibility criteria, types of available supports and answered the questions raised by the participants. Participants also had the opportunity to hear about examples of good practice that had previously received support from Grow Civic.

Grow Civic supports actions implemented by Turkish Cypriot CSOs and activists and by Greek Cypriot CSOs or activists in collaboration with TC CSOs and activists. Grow Civic supports rights-based actions and public benefit work carried out by activists, civil society initiatives, platforms, networks, and civil society organisations (CSOs). Since 2016, Grow Civic has supported 92 actions on issues as diverse as environment, health, art, education, peace and reconciliation, culture, sports and many more.

Grow Civic is implemented by the Civic Space project, funded by the European Union (EU) as part of the Aid Programme to support the Turkish Cypriot community. The project contributes to strengthen the role of civil society in the Turkish Cypriot community and to develop trust, dialogue, cooperation and closer relationship between the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities.

More details about the Grow Civic:

Recordings of Grow Civic info session meetings:

Grow Civic info session meeting for CSOs (TR)

Grow Civic info session meeting for activists (TR)

Grow Civic info session meeting for CSOs (ENG)

Grow Civic info session meeting for activists (ENG)

Civic Space project contact details:

Phone: +90 392 227 6505
              +90 533 833 7950 (WhatsApp)

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