Civic Space organised a Grow Civic Info Session for Youth.

Gençler için Sivil Büyü Tanıtım Toplantısı Gerçekleşti.

Civic Space has organised, on 2 March 2022, a Grow Civic info session for Youth.

Whether they are young activists or members of a youth initiative, or of a CSO dealing with youth, 15 young people took part in the online event to learn how to benefit from the Grow Civic Program.

Emmanuel Achiri from VOIS Cyprus and young activist Özer Şahoğlu, who benefitted from the Grow Civic program when he was 16 years old, shared their past experiences through videos shown during the event. They explained how the Grow Civic Program has supported their civic actions by providing in-kind support to implement research actions and organise advocacy activities on matters of concern for young students.

The Civic Space team explained the modalities to request support from the Grow Civic Support Program and answered participants' questions.

Grow Civic supports rights-based and community-benefit work by activists, civic society initiatives, platforms, and civil society organisations. Since 2016, Grow Civic has supported a total of 92 different actions indifferent fields such as environment, health, art, education, peace and reconciliation, culture, sports and many more. 20 of these were implemented on youth issues or by/with young people. Approximately 55,000 Euros of in-kind support was given to these 20 actions.

The Grow Civic in-kind support program is implemented by Civic Space, which is funded by the European Union under the Aid Program for the Turkish Cypriot community. The project aims to contribute to strengthening the role of civil society in the Turkish Cypriot community and promoting relations between the Turkish Cypriot community and the Greek Cypriot community.

Emmanuel Achiri- VOIS Cyprus- Grow Civic experience narrative:

Özer Şahoğlu- Activist- Grow Civic experience narrative:

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