Grow Civic is Coming

Sivil Büyü Geliyor

Stay tuned for Grow Civic to create your own magic!

Grow Civic is an in-kind support programme of the Civic Space Project that provides innovative, flexible, participatory, transparent and accessible direct support to rights-based actions and public benefit works carried out by activists, organised citizens and citizens’ initiatives, platforms, networks, and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Cyprus.

To date, Grow Civic provided support to 92 actions implemented by activists, organised citizens, networks, platforms and CSOs. Under the new Civic Space Project, the Programme is further improved and developed to better address the needs of the Cypriot civil society and will provide support between October 2021 and March 2023.

The aims of the Grow Civic Program are to:

Support mainstreaming of rights-based actions and actors including activists, citizens' initiatives, and CSOs to promote and enhance democracy and human rights.

● Strengthen CSOs' capacities specifically on rights-based actions, visibility/communication, advocacy, and organizational sustainability, and to support the creation of new initiatives or organizations having a rights-based agenda.

●  Foster and strengthen multi-communal dialogue and collaboration, and/or to support the development of mono or multi-communal thematic or cross-thematic coalitions in line with the rights-based approach EU values and principles.

● Foster and strengthen networking and partnership with CSOs in the EU Member States or the IPA region for joint rights-based agendas and actions.

The Civic Space team provides, on-demand, tailor-made help desk support to CSOs and activists in developing their action designs, identifying potential partners, or integrating the rights-based approach.

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