You are invited to a Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming for Civil Society Organisations

Sivil Toplum Örgütleri için Toplumsal Cinsiyetin Ana Akımlaştırılması Atölyesine Davetlisiniz!

Within the context of the International Women’s Day, to contribute to the struggle for gender equality, Civic Space is organising an online workshop on Wednesday 23 March 2022 from 15:00 to 17:30. We acknowledge that gender equality is the responsibility not only of women, LGBTI+s or their organisations, but of all segments of the society, all organisations and institutions regardless of their thematic field of work. Thereby, in this workshop, we aim to discuss how gender can be mainstreamed in civil society organisations.

During the workshop we will also share with you the Gender Mainstreaming Guide that we recently published. This Guide contains applicable measures and steps to integrate gender equality perspective in institutional policies, planning and operational daily work, primarily for civil society organisations. In addition, the Guide includes a checklist that you can use to assess whether or not your organisation is implementing the proposed measures and steps, while giving you the opportunity to overcome potential shortcomings.

We hope to see all civil society organisations that aspire to develop and improve gender equality in our workshop.

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