Networking Event Brings Together CSOs and Public Sector Stakeholders at Bedesten

Networking Event Brings Together CSOs and Public Sector Stakeholders at Bedesten

On June 28, 2024, an EU Funded networking event held at Bedesten brought together civil society organizations (CSOs) and public sector stakeholders. The event saw participation from 56 attendees representing 32 different organizations. The aim of the event was to foster cooperation and meaningful dialogue between CSOs and local stakeholders.

The event began at 18:00 with an introductory speech by facilitator Nazar Erişkin. This was followed by speeches from Michel Vedrenne, Head of Section at the European Union Program Support Office (EUPSO), and Selçuk Yürükoğulları, Head of the European Union Coordination Center (EUCC).

Upon arrival, participants received color-coded name tags at the registration table. Red tags were given to local bodies, purple tags to CSO representatives, and black cards to facilitators. These tags were later used to create a web on a board in the event area. Copies of the name tags were placed on a whiteboard, and participants could establish connections between their names and leave notes for each other, thereby strengthening their relationships.

After the speeches, the networking activities commenced. Groups were mixed to ensure that each table included representatives from local bodies, CSOs, and hosts. Attendees actively interacted, sharing their experiences and thoughts. This interactive approach enriched the collective learning experience and supported the integration of civil society perspectives into decision-making processes across various sectors.

A local body representative said “We met new civil society organizations with whom we can collaborate with.”

And a CSO representative said, “We found the opportunity to brainstorm ideas together with local stakeholders in a more informal setting.”

It was clear by the end of the event that this kind of dialogue between CSOs and public bodies is greatly needed and was appreciated by all participants.  The opportunity has been established for strengthening this dialogue and exploring future collaborations. This event will be followed by workshops focused on enhancing cooperation between CSOs and public actors.

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