Civic Space organised an Advocacy Workshop for CSOs!

Sivil Alan STÖ’ler için Savunuculuk Atölyesi gerçekleştirdi!

In the context of the Civil Society in Action VIII Call for Proposals funded by the European Union, Civic Space organised an advocacy workshop in two languages, on 5th and 7th of April 2022, to strengthen the capacities of civil society organisations. A total of 34 participants from 29 CSOs attended these introductory level workshops.

The workshop was designed to discuss and provide information on what advocacy is, principles and elements of rights-based advocacy, tools and methods for strategic advocacy, issue and stakeholder analysis of advocacy actions and tips for planning them.

Civic Space Capacity Building Expert Selen Lermioğlu Yılmaz, introduced the concept of rights based advocacy as a strategic process of using information to influence policies and practices of duty bearers for fulfilling their human rights obligations towards rights-holders. The process, as explained in the workshop, included the following steps: (1) analysis of the content, structures and culture of the issue at hand, (2) identification of goals, (3) analysis of relevant stakeholders, (4) identification of advocacy methods and (5) action-planning.

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