Gender Mainstreaming Workshop

Toplumsal Cinsiyetin Ana Akımlaştırılması Atölyesi

Civic Space Technical Assistance Project, funded by the European Union, is organising a Gender Mainstreaming Workshop on 30th of March from 16:00 to 19:00 at the Home for Cooperation. The workshop aims to support CSOs in mainstreaming the gender approach in their policies, actions, and daily activities. The workshop will take place in English. If required sign language interpretation will be provided.

Gender equality is a fundamental human right and a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Gender mainstreaming is as a strategy for realising gender equality. Gender equality is a perspective that requires proactive and sustainable action to achieve a meaningful change in society. Gender mainstreaming, on the other hand, is a concept that aims to reach and maintain gender equality in all spheres of our lives.

During the workshop, Civic Space will present Gender Mainstreaming Guideline. This Guideline contains applicable measures that CSOs can use at policy, strategy and activity levels. In addition, the Guideline also provides a checklist that can be used to assess whether an organisation is implementing the recommended measures and steps. In addition, following the workshop, Civic Space will offer tailored- coaching for CSOs who need more specific guidance in mainstreaming gender equality.

Civic Space is a project funded by European Union with a total budget of 3.499.550 Euro and its objective is to contribute to build, in the Turkish Cypriot community, a stronger civil society, which supports democratic changes and confidence building measures.

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